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Today the pharmaceutical industry has released multiple non-natural products that provide collagen to our body, and we find them in the following way:

1.Liquid hydrolyzed collagen. It improves the appearance of the skin, nails and hair. One of the benefits of consuming liquid hydrolyzed collagen is that the body quickly absorbs it.

2.Collagen for injections. This type of collagen is mainly used to correct facial volumes by implanting it below the skin, reducing the deepest wrinkles. When applying it to the dermis, the body easily assimilates and accepts it as its own, so the results are almost immediate.

3.Collagen in membranes. These membranes are made of collagen of bovine and equine origin. They are used as filling cavities and as regenerators, so they are placed in the ear, nose and throat if necessary, as well as in the teeth when there is a dental surgery, or in another part of the body when doctors have performed a plastic surgery.

4.Oral collagen. It reduces the production of estrogen, especially during pre-menopause, in addition to protecting the joints by stimulating the synthesis of synovial fluid, which helps with rheumatic problems and wear out of joints caused by overweight.

5.Collagen in cosmetics. Natural collagen gels or collagen of marine origin are similar to human collagen, so when touching the skin it splits into small peptides, which improve the penetration in the epidermis. That is why this type of collagen is used in many different types of cosmetics, from capillary to body treatments.




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